Join Now! £10 Adults, £5 Under 15sThe Hendon Football Club Supporters Trust will do everything within its power to ensure the continuation of Hendon Football Club playing at the highest level of football consistent with its financial position.

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  • Nearly 1900 given away in prizes

    The Supporters Trust gave away nearly 1900 worth of prizes on New Years Day, as both the new year raffle and the December snowball draw were made, the latter including the annual jackpot prize.

    The snowball draw was made by Amy Coward at half-time. The snowball jackpot this year was 949.50, and this was won by ball number 158, whilst the monthly first prize of 267.00 was won by number 167 and the second prize of 133.50 was won by number 92.

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Hendon Football Club Supporters Trust is an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS) incorporated by a group of supporters provided with a mandate by other fans of the club. While the trust's mission statement (to the right) is to maintain Hendon FC at the highest level, the situation at present is somewhat more serious.

Due to financial support from Arbiter Group Limited likely to cease at short notice in the future, we now have to look to ensure the club will have a workable budget to take its place. While some of this will come from membership fees and monthly donations we also need to find other sources of revenue.

At the present time, we would encourage all supporters to fill out a membership form which will help provide the Trust's board with useful information to help us build for the future and allow us to keep in touch with you about further developments and events. We would also encourage you to pass forms onto family, friends, people at work or anyone else you know with an interest in football.

This is an opportunity for us all to take control of our own club and it's future, but to make it a success we all need to pull together.

If the content on this website doesn't answer any questions you may have, then don't hesitate to get in touch with the trust by e-mail ( or speak to any of the board (currently made up of Bryan Roberts (co-chair), Phil Rogers (co-chair), Mike Harte (Treasurer), Michael Cox (Secretary), Eddie Edwards, Simon Lawrence, Nick McMullen, Tony Rice, John Rock, Chris Rogers and John Rogers) at any match: you can always find several of us on the terraces behind the goal and usually someone will be in or around the club shop before games and during half-time.